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Developers previewed Android O features along with today available for some Android devices

Developers previewed Android O features along with today available for some Android devices

Finally, after a long expectation of  Android O "8.0" Google has made of which possible by releasing the Developer Preview of its next Android operating system ahead of its annual Google I/O developer's conference. Thus, This specific update can't be find on the Android Beta site. The first build is usually available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel along with Pixel XL, however must be manually flashed on to a device along with is usually not intended for consumer use.The final variation of Android N was released in August 2016 as Android Nougat, along with we're looking at a similar time frame in 2017 for the Discharge of Android O, for which we will hear more details at Google I/O on 17 May. Read on for more information on what we know about Android O so far.What could be the next Android OS name:Following Android Alpha along with Android Beta, Google has always named its Android OS updates after sweet treats, along with in alphabetical order. So far we've had Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow along with Nougat.However, in This specific year 2017 - Google are in treat of the Android O's name though the names provided are not many. As the report says, The specified names are Oatmeal, Orange along with Oreo.Google's Hiroshi Lockheimer has been stirring things up on Twitter, seemingly suggesting Android Oreo is usually the most likely candidate. however is usually he pulling our leg? Quite possibly, given he has also tweeted an image of Pocky (chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks) with the caption #2018.

Given of which Android Marshmallow was Android 6.0 along with Android Nougat was Android 7.0-7.1, we could assume of which Android O will be Android 8.0. however Google hasn’t always done things This specific way, along with Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean along with KitKat were all 4.x updates.Google I/O 2017Normally, Google uses Google I/O to announce the brand-new update to its Android OS. The 11th annual I/O conference will take place between 17 along with 19 May 2017 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.Android O Discharge date:Google surprised us in 2016 by taking the wraps off the Developer Preview of Android Nougat in advance of its summer Google I/O conference, along with in March 2017 of which has done the same again with Android O. The final Discharge of Android N came in August 2016 with little fanfare along with no brand-new hardware, so the chances are we'll see the company follow of which same format in 2017. (The brand-new hardware came later, with the Google Pixel along with Pixel XL unveiled in early October.)Our interest is usually on an August Discharge for Android O, with the brand-new Pixel 2 coming later in September or October.What could be the upcoming Android O features:Developers already previewed several features which have been confirmed of which Android O is usually coming with.
  • Background Limit: In Android Nougat Google introduced the ability to restrict certain app activities within the background, along with in Android O of which improves on This specific by placing the priority on extending battery life without user-input.
  • Improvement in keyboard control: Android O won't be restricted to phones, so there will be enhanced arrow along with tab key navigation for when used that has a physical keyboard.
  • Notification style in Android O: Many of the brand-new features regard notifications, along with in Android O we will see user-customisable notification channels whereby alerts are grouped by type. Users will be able to snooze notifications, along with devs can set time limits for notifications to time out. Also adjustable will be the background colours of notifications, along with the messaging style.
  • Connectivity Enhancement: Wi-Fi Aware will allows apps along with nearby devices to discover along with communicate over Wi-Fi without an internet access point. We'll also see enhanced Bluetooth support for high-quality audio through the Sony LDAC codec, along with brand-new ways for third-party calling apps to work with each different along with with your network operator's special features.
  • brand-new Enterprise Feature: Google says of which has made the profile owner along with device owner management modes more powerful, productive along with easier to provision than ever, with highlights including the ability to use a managed profile on a corporate-owned device along with enterprise management for file-based encryption. You can read about the brand-new updates coming to Android O in more detail over on the Android Developer's site
  • Improve Autofill Framework: Users will have to opt in to This specific service, however will then find of which easier to fill in login along with credit-card information forms with fewer mistakes along with much less repetition.
  • Supports Multi-Display: Interestingly, Android O will be able to support multiple displays, allowing a user to move an activity to one screen to the next.
  • Address Opening in Google Map: Right today of which isn't possible to share your current location on Android as of which is usually in iOS, however according to VentureBeat there are some brand-new modifications coming of which make dealing with addresses easier. If you click on an address in a text message, in Android N of which does nothing however in Android O of which could open of which address in Google Maps. of which says of which is usually not yet known whether This specific will be functional only in Google's Messages app, or in all messaging apps on Android O.
  • Better Management of Cached data: Every app will have a storage space quota for cached data, along with when the system needs to free up disk space of which will delete data coming from apps using more than their allocated quota first.
  • Gesture Improvement: Today you can quickly call up your contacts using Ok Google, however in Android O you will be able to draw onscreen the letter C to open your contacts menu. This specific is usually similar to what we've seen in many Chinese phones - the ability to in standby mode draw onscreen a letter along with open an app of your choice - though here of which should work when the screen is usually switched on along with in any app. This specific feature may not be ready in time for Android O, however, the source warned.
  • Copy less: This specific feature is usually required to ease copying text coming from one app along with pasting of which within another by giving suggestions within the second app as to what you might be about to type based on what you were doing within the previous app. VentureBeat gives the example of finding a restaurant within the Yelp app, then opening a text conversation, beginning to type 'of which's at' along with the restaurant name popping up as a suggested term. of which is usually currently unclear whether of which will be a brand-new feature on the Gboard virtual keyboard or baked into Android itself.
The above are the confirmed features of Android O. Though all the features are not yet shown - we'll keep updating you whenever​ brand-new features are out. along with yes, you can be notified only when you subscribe to our brand-new feed.Thus, the question today is usually - Will all Android Device get the Android O update?Google phones along with tablets are always the first to get brand-new operating system updates, however even Google won't support them forever. Security updates are provided for three years following the device's Discharge, or 18 months after of which is usually removed coming from the Google Play Store (whichever is usually longer).So, for example, the Nexus 5X along with Nexus 6P will be supported by Google until September 2017, which means they will get both Android Nougat along with next year's Android O. The Nexus 9 along with Nexus 6 will both be supported until October 2016, which should mean they get an update to Android Nougat however not Android O. Older Nexus devices will not be upgraded.Those with supported Nexus devices should find the update rolls out to their device following the launch of the brand-new Nexus phones for 2016, or at least within a few weeks of launch.If you have a recent flagship phone or tablet coming from a well-known maker such as Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG or Motorola, of which's likely you'll see the update rolled out within the first few months of 2018. However, before you can get the update both the hardware some sort of along with mobile operator must be ready to roll of which out, which can slow down things.

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