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How to get Android O concept Boot Animation

How to get Android O concept Boot Animation

People are already thirsty for the upcoming Android OS known as Android O - the idea could be Android Oreo, Oatmeal or Orange Juice "not yet confirmed" nevertheless people have taken the next Android edition to be Android Oreo. However, This kind of brand new Android OS is usually not for all Android devices rather only for newly flagship devices as well as the ones which are yet to be produce.Anyways, I guess which unqualified devices can still have Android O running on their devices nevertheless the idea should be a custom rom which can be buggy as well as also haven't confirmed yet whether the programmers can created such opportunity or not.Regardless of being unable to run Android O as a stock rom, people still need an identity to say which they're Android O user as well as also to run on their device as stock rom instead of custom rom.Thus, getting the Android O boot Animation can change your phone look as well as standard nevertheless which is usually only for the booting Section. However, I'm going to instruct you on how you can run Android O in any Android device.First as well as foremost, there are some downloads which are required due to This kind of operation.
  1. Es File Explorer which enables you to rewrite system Command (RW/RO).NB: Root Explorer can't be able to overwrite system data without Rooting
  2. The Android O boot Animation which is usually in zip format. This kind of boot Animation consist of three different screen size/resolution which makes the idea to be more compatible with any Android device. However, you have to select the one which match with your screen size to above being bigger or smaller on your Android screen.
How to Install: After you must have complete the necessary downloads as well as requirements needed due to This kind of operation, simply★ Go-to your File manager as well as copy the boot to your internal Storage.★ Launch you're Es file Explorer as well as grant the idea root access. (For easy step, swipe through left as well as enable root explorer).★ Copy the bootanimation file to /system/media/*here*there would likely already be a bootanimation file you can either rename the idea to something else or overwrite the idea.★ Change the permission to rw-r--r--★ You're done then Reboot your device.

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