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How to Recover, track or locate your stolen or lost Android device using Cerberus

How to Recover, track or locate your stolen or lost Android device using Cerberus

Today I'm bringing to you how you can recovery your stolen Android device including the files that will This specific contains "multimedia, apps, games, documents etc". Technology improving everyday, however, i see This specific as a form of hacking although since This specific's your own device that will is actually at stake - This specific is actually proper.Recovering your stolen or lost device isn't a little task anything can do, This specific requires some sacrifices so as to work as you wish. Regardless of what This specific may take, This specific'll also be given you ever detail of your Android device through mails, SMS, mobile number "if you included that will when setting This specific" in addition to a lot more.Before we proceed, there are some requirements that will are needed to make This specific work perfectly.

1. At first you need to Download in addition to install Cerberus via the Google play store (This specific's totally free so you have nothing to worry about).

2. Required rooted Android device"for better performer". Non-rooted devices can be used addition to right now let's get down to business. Account Creation or LoginAfter installing Cerberus in your Android device, launch the app in your phone. At the first opening, This specific'll show you two things Create a Cerberus account "if This specific's your first time using Cerberus" or Login to Cerberus "if you already have an account".After feeling the form that will'll be introduced to you "if you're creating completely new account" - click on create an account, This specific'll survey some verification in addition to then This specific'll bring out the "terms of use" in addition to if you agree to This specific - click on create account again then exercise a little patients"America"/patience"British" for the account creation.

Grant All Accessright now you'll enable the "Device administrator" in addition to enable "root access" at the same time although if you don't have root access you can just skip This specific be swiping to the right.

To locate your device: Open your browser in addition to search for "Cerberus" or go-to addition to through This specific link you can locate your device although before you can be able to do that will - you must login with the exact username in addition to password you used in your lost or stolen phone.

in addition to right now, when you must have logged in, you'll see all the thing related to your phone "the name of your device etc" - below This specific you'll see a map which will indicates where exactly the phone is actually.However you can still give the phone Command through the Cerberus site in addition to This specific'll carry out the work perfectly.

Note: You can only use This specific app in addition to features for just 6days "free" then you must upgrade to the premium "Buy license" if you need This specific to continue with its work.Final word:With This specific above steps in addition to procedure, can you right now boldly say that will your phone was stolen or that will you don't know where you kept This specific - i guess This specific's a capital NO for you. Tell us what you think of This specific app, website in addition to the above steps, drop your contribution from the comment box below.

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