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Nokia 3310 Release Date & Specifications

Nokia 3310 Release Date & Specifications

Finally, Nokia launched the idea’s much awaited device "Nokia 3310". This kind of time around the idea came with brand new design which most of the people didn't expect. Though the idea looks almost like the first generation although the idea's more attractive. the idea can be not in Android platform, at least right now - people has been convinced about the rumour of which was everywhere then.Nokia releasing This kind of brand new cellphone can be a great idea - at least to possess the test of what we thought of which we've lost in addition to secondly the idea'll benefit many people compared to the recent devices of This kind of age.

This kind of time around the brand new Nokia 3310 came with more paratable features than the first generation, the idea measures 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm in addition to can be plastic all around.Its 2.4 inch QVGA display looks quite different through the first generation. Talking about the colour options, the idea came with four different exciting colors. Grey(Matte),Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy).However, since more features are added to the idea - the idea'll be of Great to pinpoint them in addition to also we shouldn't expect much through the idea because the idea were never meant to happen or of which such features could run in our minds. the idea has 16MB of storage with the option to insert SD card upto 32GB. Nokia 3310 runs Series 30+ OS. You get Opera browser out of the box, although you will have to limit your browsing to 2G speeds, since GSM 900/1800 MHz can be all the 3310 supports. Sadly, no Wi-Fi with Nokia 3310. The company also brings back the Snake game although a little different through the first generation "colour difference in addition to a little graphics added to the idea".

some other specifications include 3.5mm jack with FM radio or MP3. You can also be hip in addition to use the Bluetooth 3.0 radio with SLAM support. The phone can play up to 51 hours thanks to its 1200 mAh battery. the idea could stand up to 31 days of stand-by, 22 hours of talking in addition to 39 hours of FM radio fun. The Nokia 3310 also features a camera of 2MP on the back, with an individual LED flash, dual sim card in addition to finally Nokia 3310 can be said to be retailed at the rate of €49.

Conclusion: What more can we expect through an old deserted cellphone of which has been restored back to life. However the idea can be far much better than the phones of the same OS which means Nokia still remains on top in addition to they're back to stay. Tell us your opinion about the brand new launched Nokia cellphone by generating use of the comment box below.of which'll be all for right now. Stay real in addition to Connected for more updates of which'll come your way.

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