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WhatsApp Messenger Brand New Update

WhatsApp Messenger Brand New Update This specific point, many WhatsApp users are at This specific point migrating into Telegram users. At first, people made a request about adding a means of sharing APK through WhatsApp although of which was​ so unfortunate of which they couldn't provide of which. However Telegram made of which possible thereby gaining their first traffic. Telegram provided of which's users with some unique theme while WhatsApp couldn't do of which. However, I see no reason why WhatsApp should emulate Snapchat​ in addition such features which are dynamite to them. Anyways, they know much better than us concerning their recent adjustments in addition to updatesRounding up:WhatsApp messenger being more heavier than of which was earlier is actually not encouraging - unlike Facebook app, I'll say of which's also as heavy as WhatsApp is actually. I don't know what Mr Zuckerberg is actually upto although in any case, he definitely needs to improve because people likes anything of which is actually fast in addition to also consumes less data bundle in addition to not designs which squanders huge amount of data bundle. If care is actually not taken, Facebook in addition to WhatsApp will be loosing traffic though of which'll be a gradual process although to evict such problem coming to you - you need to raise the speed of of which in addition to also reduce the amount of data bundle of which consumes.Anyways, your opinions are also needed in This specific matter. To contribute, please make use of the comment box below in addition to tell us what you think about This specific brand new update in WhatsApp or additional related issues.

Despite all the complains in addition to reports people filed against WhatsApp previous update which results to malfunctioning of WhatsApp messenger - some people are deprived the right or rather restrained via creating use of video call which they've been creating use of until the update came up. Some said of which of which hangs in addition to does not respond immediately which I also experienced myself.

This specific issue of hanging is actually said to be caused by the overload of things added in WhatsApp messenger. However,I see no reason why all of which is actually added when you can simply navigate to your settings in addition to get your details updated apart via the brand new added status which included adding images in addition to short videos.Though not everyone liked the idea, some people even quit WhatsApp due to the update made previously while some additional people liked the previous update. WhatsApp having made such update will result to the decrease of WhatsApp users because some people have already quit.Upon the loss which they might have encountered ,they still went ahead in adding more features. Considering the heavy duties which results to hanging the users phone, yet they didn't reconsider. Though they reacted on one blue "adding text status back again" although of which didn't make them to evict of which permanently their by integrating more heavy duties than of which was earlier.

Secondly​, they at This specific point add shortcut way of creating WhatsApp group which I see as total waste of time, data consumer in addition to also an inflict more heavy duty than of which was before which I consider as a bug.If care is actually not taken, the downfall of WhatsApp is actually at This specific point very close in addition to will also take much longer time to regain more users 

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