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Bigo Live vs Live Me: Similarities and Differences

Bigo Live vs Live Me: Similarities and Differences

The world is filled with video stream app today as more and more people are trying to reach their own fame – leading to fulfilling their own pockets. Among the other types of video streaming app, there is a debate about Bigo Live vs Live Me of which one is better. The latter one is said to be the ‘newcomer’ in the industry while the previous one has gained its own popularity and has paved its path to success and glory. But is it?
About the Two Apps
When you want to make a comparison between Bigo Live vs Live Me, you should see that there are some similar features but also different elements that make them unique and distinctive. As the video streaming app, one of the major functions of the app is to capture live activities and then you can post it out. Both Bigo Live and Live Me are incorporating these methods. Basically, if you are a follower, you can follow any account and watch their videos. If you are the one trying to get the follower, you need to have a video to post and then have the other users to follow you.

Another thing that makes these two apps similar to each other is the fact that you can actually earn money from the videos you post – or from the people you follow. Quite cool, huh? In the comparison between Bigo Live vs Live Me, both of the apps are designed as a combination of social media and also a platform to earn an income. It is actually an interesting idea because not many social media apps have such a concept, where you can interact with other people and get the financial reward for it. This is one of the major reasons why people often have these two apps in their devices – so they can increase their chances in getting more money for their posts or for the people they follow.

Some of the Differences
However, you should remember that there are always some elements or factors that differentiate them two. Even twins have their own different traits, so why not these Bigo Live vs Live Me apps? Some of the active users say that despite the very similar ways of operation, level up, and give or send rewards (yes, even the ways for leveling up or giving rewards are similar, down to the diamonds and beans), there are some slight differences between the two. The differences are quite subtle but they are there. If you look at it closely, you will notice that the features are somewhat more sophisticated and advanced in Live Me. This is probably because it is relatively new.

And which is then assumptions are made that maybe….maybe Live Me is ‘inspired’ by Bigo Live and considering that Bigo Live is now a huge hit, Live Me wants to follow suit. But if you want to think about it again, aren’t all video streaming apps are basically the same? Well, not all of them may be able to generate money but still….aren’t most of the features are similar? If that’s so, the comparison shouldn’t be limited to Bigo Live vs Live Me but to other apps as well.

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